IHC Holland is represented in West Africa by Rohan WA Limited. Our partnership with IHC is leveraged on our relationship with Rohan WA. IHC Holland, member of the IHC Caland group of companies, designs, builds and supplies capital goods and services for the dredging industry, companies that use foundation machinery and companies that build tunnels in soft soil.

The dredging industry consists of dredging contractors, alluvial mining, sand and gravel

extraction firms, other contractors and shipyards.

The construction of thousands of specialist vessels and items of equipment over a period of more than 300 years has created an enormous resource of experience and know-how. Design and construction activities take place in one of two modern production facilities in the Dutch towns of Kinderdijk and Sliedrecht east of Rotterdam. IHC products are also built with full assistance from IHC at other yards, such as in the countries of destination.

The designing and production of parts, instruments and automation systems, in which specialized product know-how is essential, is also undertaken in-house.

Services to customers include the provision of advice, training of crews, the supply of spare parts (generally from stock) and the renovation of economically or technically outdated equipment.

With the supply of a total package of products and services for the dredging industry IHC Holland meets the most divergent requirements of private dredging and mining companies and government institutes.

The company has an estimated share of 50% of the world dredging vessel Market. Some

80% of domestic turnover is exported. This is also true for other specialist products from the company. Hydraulic pile driving hammers, seals for rotating shafts, hydraulic

systems and components, hydraulic skid systems all meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and operational life.

GP is represented in practically every country of the world. Company offices in Brazil, China, USA, India and Singapore support marketing and servicing activities.

Company operations are divided into a number of Business Units each of which has a leading position in its own specific market.